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The recent installation of the Ecoheat system has brought us back the whole house. We can now afford to leave doors open and have all rooms heated by the circulating fresh air. Now we can move around the house with it all evenly heated. The bathroom is no longer like a fridge! We can now forget about turning heaters on and off and just enjoy! We can return to our house at the end of the day with it nicely heated for the cost of running a light bulb.
— Stewart of Canberra

My system from Ecoheat is the cheapest, most reliable, and most effective solution I have ever come across. The system’s ability to pump in free hot air during the day in winter, and then, by the touch of a button, pump in free cool night air in summer, is the answer I was looking for.  I thoroughly recommend the system for any climate.
— D H

We have lived in our house for 5 1/2 years and have always had difficulty warming the house as it is stone construction, large, built in 1841 and consequently not configured to be north facing, and relies mostly on fire places (six in the house with three in operation almost all the time in winter). The walls are half-a-metre thick throughout. We found that if the house was unheated for a couple of days, it became a challenge to heat and required lots of firewood. We also need column heaters in bedrooms 24 hours per day. Since Ecoheat was installed, we have experienced a more even temperature, the need for far less fires and an improved level of comfort that hasn’t previously been experienced in this house.  We find now, at evening times, if we put on a fire, the room is instantly warm. The warmth that we experience during the day supplies constant fresh air, providing a very healthy atmosphere. I would highly recommend Ecoheat to anyone looking to improve their comfort level and standard of living as well as reducing their electricity bill and carbon footprint. Ron Knight has a solid reputation and has been a pleasure to do business with
— A and P H, Squatters Arms

We’re in chilly Canberra, and the Ecoheat team advised us on a three-panel system to heat our huge Scout Hall. We’ve since been able to attract more tenants, and we even have babies and young children’s groups using the hall now, as it is much easier to get it comfortably warm enough for them. Our building is brick, so that acts as a thermal mass which is warmed (or in summer, cooled) by the Ecoheat system. This cuts down on our heating (and cooling) bills, as the Ecoheat system keeps our building as warm as it can be in the winter, and we top up with the electric heater when we need to. One chilly overcast morning, the Ecoheat system brought us up from 6 to 16C all by itself!  Nice one, folks
— Lisa

It is my pleasure to recommend Ecoheat. I live in Cooma where we can have some very cold days, and not just in winter. I have had one of these units in my home for the last few years, and I can honestly say that the unit has meant that the edge has definitely been taken off the cold. The presence of the unit has kept the daytime temperature in the house at around the 18-20C mark.  This means that when the usual overnight heating switches on in the late afternoon, the existing temperature is not really low so the amount of energy put into heating is much less than it might have been. I can also recommend Mr Ron Knight for his after-sales consultations. I have to say, too, that the cat loves that warm area under the vent.
— M H

We purchased an Ecoheat system in May and wish to advise that we love the system and it has worked brilliantly from day one. The system has saved us about 30% on our heating bill this year compared to last. We have found it works extremely well in the autumn and spring periods eliminating the need to light the fire until the winter really hits and stopping much earlier than in the past. We particularly like how the warm air circulates through the house during the day keeping out the cold and eliminating stale air and reducing build-up of mildew. Since its installation we have only had to put the wood fire on twice during the winter days, resulting in starting the fire only in the early mornings and evenings. In prior years we have had the need to come home in the winter months in our lunch hour and restart the fire. Also, we have found the system most useful during the hot summer period when we were able to circulate cool night air into the house, alleviating the hot still nights. In short, we are extremely pleased with the system and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
— R & B

I have installed an Ecoheat system in my house on the Glades in Robina [Qld]. It has been an amazing experience for us. After the installation we live in so much more comfort with a temperature 5 or 6 degrees higher than without any heating. I especially enjoy experiencing the freshness of air now within our house. There is no operating noise compared to our existing air-conditioning system that makes a very loud noise. We save a lot on our electricity bill as well. I am very happy with the Ecoheat system, it is of great value to us and without hesitation I recommend it to anyone.
— H K, Robina