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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Ecoheat solar heating system change my current heating system?
This will depend on the winter temperatures in your area. In mild climates you may not require any other heating or only minimal supplementary heating. In colder climates you will need additional heating but on a reduced scale. This occurs because the additional energy required to raise the internal temperature to a comfortable level is much less due to the heating provided by the Ecoheat system. Our customers have experienced a reduction of up to 80%.

How does the system work at night?
When the sun sets the Ecoheat solar system shuts down and locks off the warm air ducting so that the building retains the heat as much as possible. You will arrive home to a warmer environment and ventilated home.

How does it cool the house in summer?
During the summer months Ecoheat monitors the drop in night temperatures and is automatically activated to deliver the cooler night air into the building. This cool fresh ventilated air then rapidly reduces the internal temperature providing pleasant relief from the heat. It is not an air conditioning system but rather providing cooling ventilation. 

How much does it cost to run?
It costs the same to leave a light on in your home, which is around the costs of 10 cents per day.

What size area will the Ecoheat system heat?
Our standard domestic system is designed to comfortably heat a house of up to 20 squares (about 185 square metres). Customers often use the system to heat the key living areas of their home or a shopfront or reception area of a business. In some cases there may be an area of the building that is colder than the rest, for example a couple of cold bedrooms, so the system would be focussed on warming that area. 

What are the benefits of ventilation?
The system when operating delivers over 240 cubic metres of fresh air into the building per hour, which is equivalent to the volume of a three-car garage. This fresh air replaces the stale inside air providing a healthier living environment.

How much does the system cost compared to other heating options?
Our system is very competitive with all competing heating products. When comparing our system to other heating products on the market it’s important take into account the competitors capital purchase price, installation costs and running costs. Once installed Ecoheat's only cost is running the fan – nothing else - which is a very minimal, almost negligible cost. Contact us for a quote and home assessment.

I have a drafty house – will this affect the system's ability to keep it warm?
Ecoheat works by replacing the air in your home. If your house is sealed tightly, we have to make it a little leaky, for example, by keeping a window open to allow the cold air to be pushed out by the warm incoming air. We would work with you to determine what will be most suitable for your situation. 

My house is not well insulated, how will this affect the way the system works?
Just like any heating system, the better insulated your house, the more heat will be retained inside. We can help with hints and tips on this.

What are the environmental benefits of an Ecoheat system?
Carbon Dioxide emissions (CO2) are a by-product of energy generation. Using Ecoheat for heating or cooling offers huge reductions in these emissions. The table below indicates these savings.

Assumptions 1) Average daily solar energy generated = 4.0 kw per hour 2) Emission savings from not using grid electricity = 1.012 kg per kg* * refer to

1) Average daily solar energy generated = 4.0 kw per hour
2) Emission savings from not using grid electricity = 1.012 kg per kg*
* refer to

How long does the installation take?
Each site is different, but a standard installation takes approximately six hours.

Can I control the temperature?
Yes, via a custom-designed control panel fitted to a wall inside your home.

How does it operate?
Ecoheat uses the technology of solar collector panels to heat and then pump fresh warm air into your home during winter months. The system is controlled by a custom-designed control panel that switches the fan on or off depending on the temperature or air in the roof panels.

What are the size of the panels?
Each panel is approximately 1M X 2M and can be coupled into two- or three-panel combinations. A 2-panel system is 4M x 1M and a 3-panel system is 6M x 1M. The below photo shows a 2-panel system.

A 2 panel Ecoheat system (4.2m x 1m) on a happy customer's roof.

A 2 panel Ecoheat system (4.2m x 1m) on a happy customer's roof.

Can Ecoheat be installed on a double-storey house?

Can Ecoheat be installed on a flat roof?

Why doesn’t the fan run on solar power?
The system would need to be reconfigured with a photovoltaic cell and battery charging system adding considerable infrastructure and cost which is not warranted by the energy savings.

Is it a complimentary system for other existing heating systems?
Yes, Ecoheat can be a complimentary system in extreme climates such as the Snowy Mountains or Canberra.  However, in more mild climates such as the Gold Coast it can be used as a standalone heating system. 

What are the carbon emissions savings?
If the Ecoheat system operates six hours per day, this equates to four tonnes of CO2 emissions savings over a six-month period.

Does the system have a warranty?
Yes, the system has a 5-year Product Warranty.

What do you mean about bringing the sun indoors?
Do you recall that feeling when it is warm outside in the sunshine and you step inside the house and the temperature drops off by 5 or 10 degrees? Some houses are like that a lot of the time and this is one example (of many!) where the Ecoheat system can make a dramatic difference to the comfort levels (and cosiness factor) in your home.  In fact the system pumps in warm air even when the outside temperature is far from warm - but this is a good example for those that experience very differing temperatures inside and outside.

Do you offer payment options to help cover the upfront costs?
Yes, are customers are able to spread the payment of their Ecoheat over a 12 or 24 month period. Just ask our team for more details.