How does Ecoheat work?

How does Ecoheat work - it is quite simply pure heating using the sun. Ecoheat is a natural ventilation system that harvests the sun to bring its warmth into your building. Solar air heating, solar space heating, natural heating for your home, how it works, winter heating, summer cooling, solar heating, solar cooling, solar collector panels, environmentally friendly heating, green heating and cooling, green heating and cooling systems, energy efficiency, replacing gas, living green


Ecoheat is a natural ventilation system that uses solar collector panels mounted to your roof at the most expedient location to take advantage of all the sunlight hours in the day.

How does Ecoheat work in winter?
The sun hitting the solar collector panels heats the air during the day, which is pumped through ducting by a fan and into a vent in your ceiling, positioned at the most advantageous point for efficient airflow. It runs whenever the sun is shining and can be left on all day whether you are home or not, allowing the system to continually pump warm, fresh air into your home. Once the sun has set, Ecoheat shuts down and locks off the warm air ducting so that your home retains the heat.

The Ecoheat system ensures that in cold climates, traditional heating methods such as gas, electric and wood fires are turned on later and do not need to run for as long, in order to achieve a comfortable temperature, as the 'thermal mass' of your home has increased. This in turn reduces energy costs.


How does Ecoheat work in summer?
With the flick of a switch, Ecoheat’s summer ventilation mode pumps cool nighttime air into your home. The large volume of air being pumped in (equivalent to 3 car garages worth of air, per hour) shifts the hot air out, replacing it with cool outside air - reducing the temperature and reducing the incidence of mould, mildew and musty smells.