The Ecoheat Story

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Ecoheat was originally designed and developed with the cool climate region of Australia's Snowy Mountains in mind. The small town of Cooma and the surrounding Monaro region may have snow-capped peaks and undulating hills, but they are damn cold in the wintertime.  

Over 10+ years as product development and refinement has occurred Ecoheat has been lifted out of this area and installed into happy homes all over Australia. Areas with climates that are far less extreme and where the heating needs are not as drastic as the Snowy's, but still very much experience cold winters and hot summers. 

Ecoheat can now be found everywhere from the disparate climates of the Gold Coast and Brisbane, to Sydney, Canberra, the Blue Mountains and throughout Victoria and South Australia.

Ecoheat is an efficient and innovative energy efficiency product that helps customers reduce their environmental footprint and their energy costs. The product has been tested and refined through a partnership with the University of Wollongong

In Ecoheat's most recent chapter, the team are in expansion mode and are looking for Distributors to join the Ecoheat network and help service customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Ecoheat remains a proudly 100% Australian owned and manufactured product. For more information or to learn more about becoming a Distributor please send us an email or click Contact Us below.