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No matter where you live, what the climate or how efficient your current system is, Ecoheat can provide benefits to all homes.

Here’s what you can look forward to once Ecoheat has been installed

• A warm and toasty home in winter 
Whether it’s a standalone or a top-up system, Ecoheat increases the internal temperature of your home by up to 10C, pumping lovely fresh warm air into your home.

• A refreshingly cool home in summer
Ecoheat harnesses the cool night air during summer by pumping it into your home to make sleeping at night much more comfortable.

• Reduced heating and cooling costs
At only 10c per day, the cost of running Ecoheat is equivalent to simply leaving a light on. Imagine being able to heat your home at such a low (almost negligible!) cost.

• Be kind to the environment
The more energy generated through conventional heating systems, the more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Ecoheat reduces your carbon footprint by using negligible energy and providing emission savings from not using grid electricity. See our table in the Ecoheat FAQs for more detailed information.

• Energy savings on your bills
If Ecoheat is used in a complementary way to your main system, then the reduced strain on this system provided by Ecoheat’s efficiencies will reduce ever-increasing energy bills.

• Better conditions for allergy and asthma sufferers
Ecoheat relieves asthma and allergy symptoms by ventilating your home and replacing stale air, as well as preventing dust from settling. Dust mites are happiest when the relative humidity is 75-85%, and a ventilation system reduces humidity levels, making dust mites far less likely to make your home their home. Each hour Ecoheat ventilates a building with approximately 240m3 of fresh air – equivalent to the air volume of a three-car garage. It also reduces the likelihood of contracting illnesses from airborne germs.

• Less musty odours and improved air quality 
In winter conditions, it’s tempting to keep windows shut and doors closed, but Ecoheat can solve this problem by improving ventilation and therefore air quality by pushing fresh air into your home, while remaining warm, and preventing musty odours emerging.

• Reduced pesky damp, condensation and mould 
If you’re sick of picking up your favourite pair of leather boots from the wardrobe only to find them covered in mould, Ecoheat can help by reducing the likelihood of mould developing in the first place.